Damn Good Choons...

The Nutcracker Suite by Brian Setzer Orchestra on Spotify →

Nothin beats Brian setzer’s arrangement of the nutcracker suite. Brian setzer is easily my most favorite guitarist of all time not only because of his ability but because of how he learned the instrument an played music for the love it. He wasn’t classically trained he was in love w music and wanted to gain more knowledge. Christmas is coming and this album will be playing a lot.

i love opening songs of albums, well…. i love the opening songs of albums where bands actually care about them. It’s the opening song, what are you going to say? what’s gonna hook me? The simplistic nature of this fun little tune is not only what does it for me. Frightenned Rabbit has always been known to me as nothing but poets. The lyrics are straight forward, honest, in your face, and to the point.
“I am just like the rest of them; sorry selfish trying to improve”

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Gold by Wake Owl on Spotify →

"Didn’t you find love or salvation in what they do?" The opening line of this beautiful song by wake owl. The thing that I love about it is the word salvation. The placing and choice of the word. A lot of people don’t really come to that word when they are in search of love or thinking of love.
We are all trying to so called be “saved” by something or someone. If it’s a girl, a higher entity, the outdoors, anything, we look for love or to be saved. Remember though my friends, before we can find Salvation or love we must do the same. So be selfish, save yourself.


very beautiful yet eery fog this morning in seattle. This song instantly popped into my head. I guess it goes to say that reading Colin Meloys ‘Under Wildwood’ would do that to ya. Happy tuesday everyone! keep on rockin in the free world!

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I’m about to go on an adventure into snoqualmie pass and i can’t wait to see snow! Friends and family, don’t fray away from challenges take them on. You might fail, but don’t fray again. Get up and go for it.

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It Will Follow the Rain by The Tallest Man On Earth on Spotify →

Yes this is completely cliche, it’s raining in Seattle and this song is about rain. There is more to this song though; the grittiness, the lo-fi production, the raspy voice, the plucking of the strings all of it.

With all of that said most of those descriptions would consider an all around poor product but there is a peacefulness within this concoction of a song which drew me towards the tallest man on earth and with that my friends I will definitely follow the rain…. (Had to leave on a cliche note #srynotsry?)

P.s. I’m back I hope, and writing more; till next time kiddos.